493  fund(s) match your criteria
493  fund(s) match your criteria
493  fund(s) match your criteria
IDS production layout board

Indiana Daily Student Legacy Fund

Your gift helps ensure the financial viability of editorial operations for the Indiana Daily Student and its affiliate publications.
A colorful drawing of three gift boxes.

The Linguist List Discretionary Fund

Help LINGUIST List continue fulfilling our mission to support linguists and the study of languages.
Seven IU School of Medicine students stand in a covered walkway on the IUPUI campus.

IU School of Medicine Fund

Your gift helps train outstanding physicians, transform health through research, and much more.
Luddy School students pose on stairway promoting the Luddy Step Up Fund

Luddy Step Up Fund

Step up for the Luddy School by providing flexible funding that's essential for highest-priority initiatives. We see tomorrow with your help today.
Student prepares laptop for audio.

WIUX-LP Radio Fund

These gifts will be used for the general support of WIUX-LP Radio in The Media School within the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington.

Group of students holding cards that spell "THANK YOU!" and one with the IU logo

Education Opportunity

Your gift provides flexible funding that supports School of Education scholarships, fellowships, student groups, and more.
Informatics, Computing, and Engineering student stands in front of an IQ wall.

Luddy Indianapolis Step Up Fund

Step up for the Luddy School in Indianapolis by providing flexible funding that’s essential for our highest-priority initiatives.
Smiling IU students wave at the camera, in front of the Sample Gates

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, & Engineering Student Emergency Fund

Gifts will support students within the Luddy School who have demonstrated need as a result of unforeseen circumstances.
Doctors give resuscitation to a male patient in the emergency room.

Chisholm-Rodgers Legacy Fund in Emergency Medicine

Your gift funds clinical teaching of residents and medical students and may also support the Chisholm-Rodgers Professorship in Emergency Medicine.
Ted Kitchel sits in Assembly Hall.

Ted Kitchel Parkinson's Disease Research Fund

The Ted Kitchel Parkinson’s Disease Research Fund supports research and training within the Department of Neurology at IU School of Medicine.
A physician working with a patient at a table

Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (N.I.A. Designated) Fund

Your gift can help talented scientists expand research targeting causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.
Parkside Hall Concept Renderings

Dwyer Healthcare Simulation Center Construction Fund

Support the planning, design, and construction of a high-tech simulation center for training health sciences students and health care professionals.