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77 fund(s) match your search criteria
77 fund(s) match your search criteria
77 fund(s) match your search criteria

Indiana University Woodland Campuses Initiative

Gifts will support the care, planting, protection, maintenance, stewardship, and inventory of trees and groves across all IU campuses.
Bird flying in a field

Environmental Resilience Institute Fund

Through this fund, you'll help address one of the most urgent issues facing humanity: climate change.

Conservation of Migratory Birds Support Fund

Gifts support research and teaching related to bird conservation and to inform our understanding of the causes of declines in the migratory bird population.

IU Northwest Community Garden Fund

Gifts will support the IU Northwest Community Garden
Two students working together at a desk.

O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs Greatest Need (SPEA)

Your gift helps the O'Neill School fill financial gaps for students and programs and provides start-up support for new activities.

Bloomington Campus Tree Restoration

Gifts to this account will be used to support restoration and replacement of trees on the Bloomington campus as a result of natural disaster.

Indiana Geological Survey Graduate Research Fund

Gifts will support research projects or activities being conducted by earth science graduate or PhD students on any Indiana University campus as determined by a committee appointed by the Director of the Indiana Geological Survey at IU Bloomington.

McKinney Climate Fellows Scholarship

Gifts will support scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students who have been accepted into the McKinney Climate Fellows program within the Environmental Resilience Institute within the Office of the Vice President for Research at IU Bloomington.

Migratory Bird Fund

Gifts will support the Department of Geosciences' study of migratory bird habits in northern Indiana

IU Campus Farm Fund

Gifts will support the IU Campus Farm at IU Bloomington.
Emerald Bay Photogrammetry (Haydu)

Underwater Science and Education Fund

Gifts to this fund support students, faculty, and researchers as they seek to understand and interpret submerged cultural and biological resources.

Bloomington Sustainability Fund

Gifts will support sustainability initiatives pursued by the Office of Sustainability on the Bloomington campus