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67 fund(s) match your search criteria
67 fund(s) match your search criteria
67 fund(s) match your search criteria
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Indiana University Priority Needs

Gifts to this fund offer flexible, unrestricted support of IU, enabling the university to respond to unexpected needs and opportunities in real time.
Photo of the Rose Well House on the IU Bloomington campus

Well House Society

Support for this fund helps IU’s president address unexpected areas of need and opportunity that might otherwise go unanswered.

CT Blackwell BKB Memorial Scholarship

Income from gifts will support an annual scholarship for an undergraduate student who is a current rider in the Little 500. Students must meet specific requirements to receive funding.
A tight group of women cyclists race during the Little 500 competition.

IU Student Foundation Development Fund

By providing general support of the IU Student Foundation and its programming, you help our students become confident, experienced, resilient leaders.

Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council Passion Giving Fund

Gifts will support specific initiatives recommended by the Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council that need additional funding.
Illustration of arms and hands in a circle of people of different cultures.

Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council (WPLC) Fund

Your gift supports our annual grantmaking effort, which funds innovative projects, critical needs, and new ventures across all of Indiana University.

Kyle Mauch Family Scholarship

Income from gifts will support undergraduate scholarships for students attending IUB who are a member of the IU Student Foundation or enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students must meet other specific requirements to receive funding.
A father with his son, who is dressed in a grad cap and gown

Parents Fund

Supporting this fund is an opportunity for you to contribute to your child’s success, strengthen your ties to the university, and ensure ongoing excellence at IU.
Two IU students walk on campus.

President Pamela Whitten First Generation Scholarship

Income from your gift supports scholarships for first-generation undergraduate students attending any IU campus.

Memorial Gifts Unrestricted

Gifts given in memory of, or tribute to, a deceased individual through this fund will be held as unrestricted gifts at the IU Foundation until such time as there is a new account established or existing account designated, by the decedent’s family, to honor the memory of their loved one. If no such account is established or designated by the family, funds will be transferred to an unrestricted account to be used at the discretion of the IU Foundation President.

You will be prompted to provide tribute information when you indicate that you wish to “Donate in memory of honor of someone” during checkout. To ensure your gift is properly designated, please provide the name of the person you are memorializing.

IUPUI Student Foundation Fund

Gifts will support the IUPUI Student Foundation, which encourages student involvement through opportunities to develop leadership skills, serve their community, and gain experience in the planning and execution of campus-wide events.

Colloquium for Women of Indiana University Scholarship

Gifts will support undergraduate scholarships for students attending classes on the Bloomington campus and are riders in the Little 500. Specific requirements must be met for students to receive funding.