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123 fund(s) match your search criteria
123 fund(s) match your search criteria
123 fund(s) match your search criteria

IU Kokomo Men's Golf Team

Gifts will support the IU Kokomo Men's Golf Team.

IU Kokomo Cougar Cupboard

Gifts will support the food and supply pantry at IU Kokomo.
A group portrait of IU Kokomo leaders, alumni board representatives, and alumni board scholarship recipients.

Kokomo Region Alumni Scholarship

Your gift helps undergraduate students with financial need pursue an IU Kokomo education.
IU Kokomo Student Activities and Events Center

IU Kokomo Student Activities and Events Center

Help us create a more vibrant and engaging campus experience for our students and community members.

Kokomo Experience and You

The Kokomo Experience and You (KEY) program is designed as a four-year experiential learning program designed to help students get the most out of their abilities. Based on outcomes that employers and educators value, the KEY emphasizes real learning and connections. Students apply and integrate knowledge, collaborate with others, take initiative, and develop a mindset for success. Depending on the student's major, they may participate by designing a social media campaign for a local non-profit, view historical, business, or care sites across Europe, present research at a professional conference. or engage in another form of hands-on learning. The KEY is integrated into degree programs allowing students the opportunity to participate in the program and graduate on time, gaining skills employers value and learning how to make positive contributions everywhere they go.

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Indiana University Kokomo Fund

Gifts will support the IU Kokomo campus at the discretion of the Chancellor.

Exhibitions/Gallery Fund

Gifts will support the Art Gallery at IU Kokomo.

Women of the Well House

Gifts will support grants to students, faculty, and staff at IU Kokomo as proposed by members of the Women of the Well House and approved by the Chancellor of IU Kokomo.

IU Kokomo School of Nursing

Gifts will support the IU Kokomo School of Nursing.

Cora and Franklin Breckenridge Scholarship

Income from gifts supports scholarships for students at IU Kokomo enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours/semester and minimum 2.3 GPA. Special consideration will be given to underrepresented populations, with preference to minority students.

IU Kokomo Multicultural Center

Gifts will support the IU Kokomo Multicultural Center.

Indiana University Kokomo Alumni Association (IUKAA) Scholarship

Income from gifts will support scholarships for new or continuing students taking at least six credit hours per semester at IU Kokomo. Additional requirements must be met for students to receive funding.