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8 fund(s) match your search criteria
8 fund(s) match your search criteria
8 fund(s) match your search criteria
IUFW students in a simulated clinical setting.

IU Fort Wayne Red Fox Scholarship

Support high-performing high school students as they work to become the next generation of health care professionals, including clinicians, nurses, social workers, and advocates.
A proud graduate in commencement attire holding her diploma while carrying a happy child.

IU Fort Wayne Crimson Cares Scholarship

Invest in the health care and clinical professionals of tomorrow.

Indiana University Fort Wayne

Gifts will support the Indiana University Fort Wayne Campus.

FRIENDS of the University at IU Fort Wayne

Gifts will support annual scholarships for incoming freshmen enrolled full-time at IUFW. Students must meet specific requirements to receive funding. Gifts may also support an annual teaching award.

IU Fort Wayne Staff Council

Gifts will be used for the general support of the staff council of Indiana University Fort Wayne programs at IUFW.

Karen L. and Arthur G. Surguine Family IU Fort Wayne Scholarship

Income from gifts will support an annual scholarship for an undergraduate student enrolled at IU Fort Wayne who has a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Specific requirements must be met for students to receive funding.

IU Fort Wayne Student Success Fund

Gifts will support the Student Success program in the Office of Enrollment Management at IU Fort Wayne.

IU Fort Wayne Forward Fund

Gifts will support priority needs of the IU Fort Wayne campus.