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124 fund(s) match your search criteria
124 fund(s) match your search criteria
124 fund(s) match your search criteria
Indiana University logo on a pole banner

Indiana University Priority Needs

Gifts to this fund offer flexible, unrestricted support of IU, enabling the university to respond to unexpected needs and opportunities in real time.
Parent with two children wearing Indiana University gear

IU Loyal Alumni Fund

Your gift supports IU Alumni Association programs that strengthen IU and keep alumni connected for life.
A reconstructed skeleton of the giant ground sloth "Megajeff" on display.

IU University Collections Fund

Your gift aids in the preservation, stewardship, and public accessibility of IU's 200+ university collections.

Indiana University Woodland Campuses Initiative

Gifts will support the care, planting, protection, maintenance, stewardship, and inventory of trees and groves across all IU campuses.
Photo of the Rose Well House on the IU Bloomington campus

Well House Society

Support for this fund helps IU’s president address unexpected areas of need and opportunity that might otherwise go unanswered.
A poster for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows fraternal order and a red stole embroidered with the letters F, L, and T.

Center for Fraternal Collections & Research

Gifts to this fund help preserve priceless historical and cultural materials related to fraternal organizations and their membership.
Bird flying in a field

Environmental Resilience Institute Fund

Through this fund, you'll help address one of the most urgent issues facing humanity: climate change.
Illustration of arms and hands in a circle of people of different cultures.

Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council (WPLC) Fund

Your gift supports our annual grantmaking effort, which funds innovative projects, critical needs, and new ventures across all of Indiana University.

Indiana University Student Emergency Assistance Fund

Gifts will be used to provide emergency financial assistance for students on any Indiana University campus who have encountered unforeseen financial hardships that would prohibit them from pursuing their education without additional financial support.
A small group of students wearing matching tee shirts showing various flags from different countries.

Honors Program in Foreign Languages

Help a young person achieve their goals and participate in a once-in-a-lifetime language immersion opportunity.
A group of IU alumni in Chicago sits around an outside table.

Chicago Alumni Chapter Scholarship of the Indiana University Alumni Association

Support students from the Chicago community who are aspiring to attend Indiana University!
A father with his son, who is dressed in a grad cap and gown

Parents Fund

Supporting this fund is an opportunity for you to contribute to your child’s success, strengthen your ties to the university, and ensure ongoing excellence at IU.