School Wellbeing of Gender Diverse Youth Research

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School Wellbeing of Gender Diverse Youth Research

School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics

Today, there is more awareness that gender identity sits along a spectrum, and increasingly, young people explore paths consistent with their experienced gender. Yet they’re also at increased risk for abuse, depression, suicide, and substance issues. Many also suffer at school, failing to reach their potential. At IU School of Medicine, a team of experts carries out research to help these youth along their path, and your support improves care for gender-expansive youth in Indiana and beyond.

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Too often, gender-diverse youth face obstacles in school due to victimization. They may perform poorly, rapidly accrue absences out of safety concerns, and suffer from lower self-esteem and depression.

Your support for the School Wellbeing of Gender Diverse Youth Research fund can help a multidisciplinary team engage in groundbreaking research to improve outcomes for these young people. For example, the team is following 55 gender-expansive youth over three years to discover why some thrive in school and others do not. They will share their findings about protective factors and recommendations for best practices with families, schools, healthcare providers, policy makers and others who can make a difference in the lives of these youth.

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