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There are many ways you can impact IU, but only support of the Well House Society helps IU’s president address unexpected areas of need and opportunity that might otherwise go unanswered. This kind of support is essential to preserving and enhancing the IU experience for students, staff, faculty, and friends.

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State funding and tuition cover only a portion of the total cost it takes to deliver IU’s life-changing experience and world-class education. Charitable giving offsets much of the difference; however, nearly 99 percent of these gifts are designated for a particular IU cause.

This makes the remaining 1 percent of philanthropic gifts—flexible funding used at the discretion of IU’s president—particularly vital to IU. These gifts support needs that might otherwise go unanswered, such as emergency scholarship assistance and cultural programs that enrich campus life.

Impact Stories

Members of the Well House Society are among IU’s most steadfast supporters. Their backing is vital to the university’s well-being, allowing us to respond to unexpected and urgent needs, including emergency scholarship assistance to students. I look forward to working with the Well House Society to collectively strengthen IU’s capacity to transform the lives of students, families, and our communities.

Pamela Whitten President, Indiana University

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